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2018 in review!

With the holidays less than a week away I thought why not revisit some of what made 2018 in the Rustic Works shop so great!

As usual, my Instagram feed (@rusticworksbarrie) is the place to see my latest work and most of my day to operations. As I scroll through my feed it's really neat to see a lot of the work that's shaped this year.

2018 started with some frames which, let's be honest, is why we are all here! Framing the works of art I am given is truly a special part of my business. I love spending time chatting with clients to learn why they want something framed in barn board, and often I get to learn a lot of neat back story on the piece. Helping to showcase it in my craft is such a humbling experience in a lot of cases.

Among other things in 2018, some interesting projects kept me busy that weren't necessarily frames. I was asked to create some beautiful tables, coat hook slabs, wine racks, shelving units, shadow boxes, and even fun prom gifts!

Barn board walls really took off this year and necessitated some upgrades to my equipment. I was able to visit some barns to hand pick wood, I picked up an enclosed 6'x12' trailer to haul supplies and barn board, and the old barn buggy (2012 Kia Sorento) was sent to pasture in favour of my new work horse Big Red (Ram 1500).

A little dirty but the sign of a hard working truck!

With the new equipment, I was able to complete a ton of barn board walls, each as unique as the space they were accenting! Special care goes into every wall to finish things like door frames, outlets, and my signature red board are always a favourite of clients

Commercial and personal chalkboards were also a big hit this year, with a massive project at Country Produce in Orillia, as well as some smaller unique projects for local businesses too!

Last but not least, what a better way to reflect on 2018 than with a look back into my mirror work! Plenty of character in huge old beams meant a lot of neat mirrors could be made of all shapes and sizes. I even created some truly show stopping art pieces with some beautiful live edge maple that I guarantee you've never seen the likes of before!

I truly hope that 2019 brings everyone of my readers and clients a prosperous and happy new year! I plan to be creating all kinds of interesting things in the coming months and I can't wait to share it with you all!

Thank you to everyone for making this year a huge success for Rustic Works!

Happy Holidays!

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