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House of mirrors!

Here we are, the dog days of winter and the early days of spring starting to show it's warmth. I figured why not use that emerging sunlight on my front steps to highlight some great stuff coming out of the shop these past few weeks! Mirrors are something that have always captivated me when it comes to barn board and reclaimed wood. Frames are obviously the majority of what I do, and I love it, but mirrors have always held a special place in my heart. When I started Rustic Works, it was all about frames, and mirrors came sort of out of the blue as I was starting to play around with them. Once I made a few large beam mirrors, I was hooked and since then I've worked on some really neat pieces I wanted to show in the blog this month.

Each mirror somehow always ends up bigger than I planned but when the live edge slabs of spalted maple and black walnut get going it's hard to cut them down with their incredible features!


Indoor of same mirror

As you can see above, the same mirror both in direct sunlight and indoor has such a beautiful amount of character. I used a dark stain on this one as a client asked for it and the hand hewn beams really came to life!

I could spend the time discussing each of these beautiful mirrors below but I figured I would let the photos speak for themselves! Here's a selection of just some of the big mirrors I have made and a few of them are even available for purchase! Check out the available pieces section of my site here for pricing!

As you can see there's a wide variety of looks, character and feel to each mirror I make. If you would like a mirror of any size, price point and wood (barn board, live edge etc) let's chat! Send me an email and we can plan your mirror!

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