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A "fresh" start pt 1.

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

It's a little late in the month for my usual blog post, but that's because I have been diligently waiting to write about a fantastic project my team and I have been working on!

A few months ago I was approached by Country Produce in Orillia, ON (visit them here!) about refreshing their produce section of their store with some large and small chalkboard signs. I went to meet with them and we worked out the plan for what they wanted and how Rustic Works would be able to help! I thought it would be a neat blog series to write about how this project came to be!

It all started with a concept. They wanted barn board to wrap every chalkboard and they wanted to be able to change prices on the fly (hence the chalkboard) but they also wanted a consistent look, which until this point they hadn't had. Their previous large signs were beautifully hand chalked, but with a refreshed barn board frame they wanted a consistent graphic and wording presence.

Amy, my daughter in-law and Rustic Work's in house designer visited the store in person to speak with their management a number of times on concept ideas and what we could do to help. By the time we had gone back and forth over email, and in person, we had a pretty good outline of what they wanted!

Production begins, like all our custom painted signs with the behind the scenes prep, painting and hard work from my son and daughter in-law!

The final result of the signs once I framed and hung them was an incredible refresh of their produce section!

The best part, as this is only part 1 of the blog, is that there's so much more to show you! but that will have to wait until next month! Hint hint....The large signs were only a small number of the total signs we have in production for Country Produce! I can't think of a better place to showcase the beautiful barn board I find than in a local grocer who really loves their community!

Are you a local business that wants a re-energized look to your space? Let's chat and see how Rustic Works can work for you!

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