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A "fresh" start pt 2

Well it's been a few weeks since you were able to read about the transformation happening at Country Produce in Orillia, where brand new produce signs have been installed! Today I wanted to highlight the rest of the project we worked on which was the smaller signs for various fruits and veggies!

Along with the very large signs, the owners wanted a unified look for their produce, which after some discussion we were able to determine exactly what they wanted and what would work size wise in their store. We decided to go with a 7"x11" framed chalkboard sign that would use the same font themes and colours throughout the entire produce section!

The production of the signs was a bit of a challenge as the logo for the store had quite a few small details but after close to 40 signs my design team had it down to a science! Overall we were very excited to get these framed up and will be on display soon!

Metal Wood, a local company in town (here) was brought in to design and fabricate the metal stands that would allow the signs to be both visible and durable around all the produce. All in all, this project was truly a team effort and Rustic Works is proud to have been a part of it!

The photos above are just a small selection of the signs we created!

Do you have a business that would benefit from a face lift? Lets chat about how Rustic Works can help you create a unique look!

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