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Hey good lookin'!

Fall is creeping up on us and before we know it the leaves will be changing and we will be cozying up to the fire with a hot coffee!

You know what goes well in that scenario? A stunning rustic barn board mirror over the mantle! This month I wanted to feature something that I haven't talked much about yet, and that is mirrors!

Pretty early on I realized that mirrors have an incredibly good pairing with barn board. You get to see the character of the wood, a reflection of a beautiful room (and person), and best of all, mirrors can go almost anywhere with little need for colour matching!

Bathroom vanity mirrors have been a huge success with clients. I've built mirrors that add a rustic vibe to a modern chic bathroom reno, as well as added the final touch to an already rustic room. The best part about what I offer clients is that the mirror can be made to literally any size or dimensions!

I use various thicknesses of very high quality mirror glass. For larger mirrors I have to use a thicker glass for strength and the mirrors I have custom cut to size are resistant to the silver back scratching and offer a really high grade of clarity. Just like my frames, I use my custom burned and sized inserts to make your mirror not only functional, but also a show stopper!

Over the past 2 years I've built some big, small and unique mirrors. Each one is just an interesting as the next and they have turned out to be wonderful additions to any room. I've added some unique mirrors I've made below including some large and different styles!

Where would you like to put a mirror? I've done mirrors as large at 7.5 ft tall and as small as 4" squared. Send me your ideas and lets chat!

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