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That WOW factor

If you spend some time watching HGTV or home reno shows, you might notice a trend in that designers, realtors and home renovators really love to highlight features in a home that make the home truly unique. Something that is obviously near and dear to my heart is a barn board feature wall!

Now I know, a barn board wall is hardly a frame! You might be thinking, "Keith, why do you do walls in barn board, isn't that more of a general contractor thing?!"

Well, the answer is yes and no which I'll get to shortly.

As a barn board woodworker I've probably spent more hours working with this type of wood than a lot of other people in wood working. Every board off a barn is inspected, cleaned meticulously and then when it looks good enough to be used, I find a purpose for it. After completing a number of projects for clients that have asked for barn board walls, I've found what I think is the best method for making stunning walls!

It all starts with prepping the wall. I paint the feature wall with a specific colour (depending on the wood) to ensure that any beautiful knots or uneven edges don't show a bright white or the original paint behind it. Not every wall needs to be painted but often I do. Next comes a layout of the wood. I physically lay out the boards on the shop floor and play around with them until I have a nice mix of tones, texture and that perfect feel to the wall. Next comes the meticulous installation process. Working from the ground up, each board is cut to length and burned to remove any fresh cut surfaces. Brushing out the burn gives it a natural feel, and then it's ready for the wall! This process is repeated for every board until we get to the ceiling.

Prepping the wood!

So back to the question of whether this is more of a contractor thing or a job for yours truly. I've been on job sites a few times now with contractors working on renos and the feedback I consistently get is that the contractor knows they could do the wall, but often they don't want to. Sourcing the wood, cleaning the boards, prepping the wall and the boards is a major time investment and every contractor has told me they would much rather refer my work to their customers for the barn board. We all have our specialties so collaboration often goes a lot further that one might think.

Whether you want a living room peak cladded, a feature wall around a fireplace or something unique for your business, Rustic Works can find the barn board solution you're looking for! Barn board walls are timeless, classic, and often compliment modern finishings beautifully! Let's discuss how your home can be given that WOW factor it deserves!

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