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'Tis the season for thanks

Last month the leaves were changing, and here we are in November with snow starting! As the holiday season begins in the stores we shop in, the crazy rush will soon be upon us. I thought, this month, why not feature one of the options I offer clients both new and longstanding. Employee thank you gifts, and corporate gift options!

I've spoken with many business owners from small independent shops with 4-10 employees, all the way up to large branding agencies and corporations that need anywhere from 75-700 frames! One of the reasons that companies have found me is that they are looking for something unique and something local. Any employer can hand over a gift card, or a night at the movies, but what about handing your employee something that shows you value their hard work all year. They can store their own memories in a frame as well as hold a true piece of art and real Ontario barn board.

Smaller frames I make from 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10 are the perfect gift. Each one is truly unique, and will be the talking piece of any holiday party. Whether you need 5 or 50 I can insert behind the glass your own company logo as well as a standard message you'd like to include to employees.

As the Christmas and holiday season approaches, the deadline for larger orders in my workshop gets closer each day. Send me a message and we can discuss your idea for your employees to help ensure they know you see how hard they work!

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