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What you get with Rustic Works

This month, with spring on its way why not clean out some of the cobwebs and get back to basics on Rustic Works. Mainly, what you get when you choose with Rustic Works!

For starters, Rustic Works is primarily me, Keith. I have my team of course which consists of my wife Mary (my bookkeeper), my son Matt and his wife Amy who take care of my graphic design, chalkboard painting and sign making (more here on them), and my daughter Erin who I often consult with on design ideas since she is a professional interior designer. When it comes to the saws and the fabrication, yours truly is the only one that is physically building your Rustic Works piece.

It takes a Tribe...literally! Harrison Keith Tribe (our newest member) I'm sure will get involved somehow! Maybe he will be my coffee break buddy on babysitting days!

When I started this journey, I knew one thing that would be my primary tenant of my business. I said it from the first frame I made, and I say it to every client I work with. "You don't pay until you love it and if you don't love it then we start over". When I say it, I mean it. Recently I was asked to attempt to make a frame from a very large piece of driftwood. When I was presented it, and told it was very special to the family I wasn't exactly sure how to go about making a frame from it! I told them that I didn't think I could do it, and after some discussion I had and idea of building a frame around the piece to highlight the driftwood intact. I made the frame and sent photos to the family. General consensus was that it wasn't their dream for the piece. The best part of this all was that was completely OK with me. Like I said, when you love it, you pay for it. In that instance, we had a lot further discussion around what happens if we try to cut it etc. In the end, I took a deep breath, turned on the saw and made some cuts. It turned out to be one of the most popular pieces I've showcased on Instagram. Needless to say, the family was happy with how it turned out, and I stood by my original tenant which means everything to me and my business.

The second thing you get with Rustic Works, is a unique match to whatever you bring me. What always surprises me about barn board is how each board, each knot, and each project is a little bit different. You might drive by a barn on the highway and think, oh that's a nice grey barn. But when you get up close, you can see the sun weathering, the water and rain that has shaped the wood, the ant and termite holes and the grains of the board. In sunlight it might look grey, in the shade of your living room it might show deep browns and reds, and once you put a picture in the frame, it suddenly might take on an entirely different look!

I spend time with every client via email, phone, or in person to find out what they want framed, where it will go in their home, what kind of look and feel they want, and what I might have to add from experience. Lucky for you I have been dealing with nothing but barn board for 3 years, and in that time (and a few splinters and cuts along the way) I've learned what boards go well with the paint colours in your home, the item you want framed, and even your own personal flair.

A huge mirror, over 7ft tall!

Specific request for a window pane look

In the end, I want every piece that leaves my shop to mean something to the person receiving it. I get satisfaction from knowing that people enjoy what I make for them and ultimately, I want to make something for you, yes you the reader! I hope that you enjoy my website, that you get inspired to see what you might want framed, and should you have any questions about my work please don't hesitate to email me (! Let's chat about what we can do for you!

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